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Jamabandi Cancellation Apeal Case No.-480/2017-18 Shyampati Devi Verus State and parbhu Mahto 17/08/2022 View (629 KB)
Demarcation Apeal Case No.-18/2008-09 Ganauri Bind Verus State and Others 29/07/2022 View (631 KB)
E.C Case No.-481/2017-18 State Verus Bharmanand Paswan 08/06/2022 View (1 MB)
E.C Case No.-13/2020-21 State Verus Dwarika Ray 17/08/2022 View (2 MB)
B.B.C Apeal Case No.-18/2014-15 Kapil Kapoor and Others Verus Ruprani Janaija 12/08/2022 View (633 KB)
B.B.C Apeal Case No.-40/2012-13 Shashi Kiran Verus Ruprani Junaija 12/08/2022 View (600 KB)
B.B.C Apeal Case No.-09/2016-17 Ramesh Kumar Verus Ranjit Kumar 12/08/2022 View (852 KB)
Miss Case No.-06/2010-11 Suresh Prasad Yadav Verus State 17/08/2022 View (562 KB)
Miss Case No.-04/2014-15 Shiya Waqf Board Verus Saiyed Mujjafer Rja 13/08/2022 View (854 KB)
Miss Case No.-03/2014-15 Shiya Waqf Board Verus Saiyed Rja Abbas 13/08/2022 View (876 KB)