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About District

Patna is the largest town and headquarters of district administration Patna , in Patna division and Bihar state. Patna is the capital of Bihar state. It is located on the south bank of the river Ganga. It is well connected by railway and road. It is mainly an administrative and educational center of Bihar. It has however a few ancient sacred places as also places of tourist interest.
Rice is the main crop of the district. It accounts for more than one third gross area sown. Other important food grains grown are maize, pulses and wheat. Non-food crops consist mostly of oilseeds, cash crops such as vegetables, watermelons etc. are also grown in Diara belt.

Subject Total
Number of Households 975578
Population-Total 5838465
Population-Rural 3323875
Population-Urban 2514590
Population(0-6Years) 943552
SC Population 920918
ST Population 9069
Literates 3459679
Illiterates 2378786
Total Workers 1881886
Main Worker 1371267
Marginal Worker 510619
Non-Worker 3956579
Average Household Size (per Household) 5.98
Proportion of Urban Population (%) 43.07
Sex Ratio (No. of Females per 1000 Males) 897
Sex Ratio (0-6 Year) 923
Sex Ratio Rural 904
Sex Ratio Urban 887
Proportion of SC (%) 15.77
Proportion of ST (%) 0.15
Literacy Rate (%) 70.68
Work Participation Rate (%) 32.23
% of Main Workers 23.49
% of Marginal Worker 8.75
% of non-Workers 67.77